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Apostolic Temple - Lagos Nigeria

Apostolic Temple - Lagos Nigeria

The Apostolic Temple in Lagos, Nigeria is a challenging venue and Sound Harmonics' designers used L-Acoustics SoundVision software and L-Acoustics products to meet those challenges! The results were astounding....

Vital Stats:

Venue Type: Church

Seating Capacity: 8500


24 x L-Acoustics KARAi
2 x L-Acoustics ARCS Focus
1 x L-Acoustics ARCS Wide
8 x L-Acoustics SB18i
8 x L-Acoustics 5XT
4 x L-Acoustics 8XTi
4 x L-Acoustics 12XT
5 x L-Acoustics LA4 Amplified Controller
6 x L-Acoustics LA8 Amplified Controller

The Inside Story:

Richard Smith, co-owner of Sound Harmonics headed up design for the project and Chris Pugh, Sound Harmonics’ Installation & Support Manager was head rigger and system tech for the installation.

The project is the “mega-church” category, with a seating capacity of over 8500 people, over two levels. The main auditorium is fan shaped and encompasses a coverage area of 175 degrees. The throw distance from main PA point is roughly 75m to the back row of balcony seats and the width of the venue is 160m wide. To add to the complexity, there is a rear seating area behind the Altar for the choir and church Elders, which seats approximately 1000 people.

What is unique about the design is that the coverage needs to be 360 degrees and even for every seat in the house. When asked about this and about how the he approached the system design, designer Smith says: “I have learned over the years that L-Acoustics has provided the most predicable tool, in their SoundVision 3D software. It is remarkably precise and so we simulated the room with all the system components off architectural plans months in advance. We verified the measurements with a subsequent site visit and when came time to install, Chris put the system up according to the SoundVision report and when we turned it on, it sounded amazing and more importantly exactly how the software had predicted.
Another major challenge in this cavernous space is that there is no acoustic treatment at the moment and all the surfaces are either concrete or glass. This would normally pose enormous problems in terms of reflections, decay time and ultimately clarity for the congregation. Smith had this to say, “We were able to minimize reflections by using the correct enclosures for each area. KARA is very accurate and so we could minimize wall and roof reflections and the Co-axial XT Series were perfect for the steep and shorter rear section, with their wide dispersion.”

The system design approach is a hybrid of distributed and typical stereo system. The main system is 3-Way L-Acoustics KARAi system, with two flown hangs of 12 KARAi and 4 SB18 in a standard configuration, flanking a centre cluster of 2 ARCS Focus and 1 ARCS Wide. The main arrays serve the main up and downstairs seating area and are very precisely focused to keep unwanted energy of the back walls the balcony facing. The rear section is covered by four 4 L-Acoustics 12XT, 4 L-Acoustics 8XTi and 8 5XT, all in a circular arc. The entire system uses the centre of the circular stage, as a reference point to all the time alignment.

The system is powered by 5 L-Acoustics LA4 and 6 LA8 Amplified controllers and controlled by L-Acoustics Network manager software.

Johannesburg based Blue Audio, headed by consultant Arthur Wagner, installed the system and some additional Audio-Visual elements. Wagner was very pleased with the end result, as were the leadership of the church.

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