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The Soweto Theatre

The Soweto Theatre

The Soweto Theatre is a unique and prestigious venue and so it was a great honour that Sound Harmonics was chosen to provide a full audio, comms and run of play solution for the complex.

Vital Stats:

Venue: Theatre/Performing Arts Centre

Main (Red) Venue Capacity: 436
Large Studio (Blue) Venue Capacity: 152
Small (Yellow) Venue Capacity: 88

The Gear: 
12 x L-Acoustics KIVA
4 x L-Acoustics KILO
4 x L-Acoustics SB18i
6 x L-Acoustics LA4 Amplified Controllers
8 x L-Acoustics 12XTi
4 x L-Acoustics 8XTi
8 x JBL JRX100
4 x Crown XLS1500 Amplifiers
1 x Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Console
2 x Yamaha 01V96 Digital Consoles
24 x Shure ULX Wireless Microphone Systems
Various Wired Microphones
Comms & Run-Of-Play System
Video Assist System for ROP & Conductor
The Inside Story:
The Soweto Theatre is a complex of three venues, that has created waves around the world and so Read what Pro-Systems Magazine had to say about the installation.

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