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Roadmap Ministries chooses L-Acoustics and Cadac

Roadmap Ministries chooses L-Acoustics and Cadac

Roadmap Ministries is a dynamic Church based in Bloemfontein and have receively finished building their new Auditorium. Pastor David Poonyane is a man driven by passion and who was looking for a "no-compromise" sound solution for the new auditorium and so he approached Sound Harmonics for a turnkey solution.

After some consultation with Sound Harmonics' Joseph Mandy, a design was finalised and L-Acoustics KARAi was the choosen system to take the church forward into the future. The main system has been installed over two "phases" and consists five KARAi and two SB18i per side. Additional Subs and fills will be added in the near future.

As pristine audio quality is one of the main criteria, the Cadac CDC4, with IO3216 Stage box seemed a logical choice as a console. Cadac have always been known for the high quality audio and their preamps are highly regarded world-wide.

The console runs at 96kHz standard, and features Cadac's Mega-comms technology to transmit digital audio at the highest possible quality.

In addition to the System and console, the church also recently took delivery of Audix microphones including, D2, D4, D6, i5 for drums and ADx20i clip on for Brass..

We are looking forward to the next exciting chapter for this Church and will continue to help them grow and achive the best results.

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