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The original inflatable screen. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Airscreen is used in conjunction with a digital projector and is the ideal solution for open-air cinemas, outdoor movie events, sports events, movie premiers, film festivals and classic drive-ins.


It's weather proof, durable, quick and easy to assemble!

The AIRSCREEN Company produces and distributes worldwide.  The original inflatable movie screen ideal for...

  - film festivals / film premieres
   - outdoor movies (in parks, city centres, universities)
   - movies on the beach
   - drive-in cinemas
   - open-air concerts
   - sport events
   - corporate events
   - movies by the pool (especially at hotels & resorts)
   - backyard parties and movie nights

AIRSCREEN's patented system of the wind breaking back shield, tensioning straps and counter weights guarantee perfect fixation of an AIRSCREEN up to 38km/h wind speed. And if winds get even stronger, other (non-inflatable) structures may put you and your audience at risk. With AIRSCREEN, you can quickly deflate the frame and everything is safe.

All AIRSCREEN frames do not bow or bend in wind. This is because AIRSCREEN frames are produced utilising a special high frequency (hf) welding method. For you, this means a frame that does not leak, that does not tear and that is therefore virtually as rigid as steel; this unique hf-welding process creates a rock-solid and stable frame, so the projection surface is always wrinkle free and nicely stretched. Your outdoor movie experience will be as nice as in your favourite cinema - but this time with the stars above you!

The materials used both for the frame and the screen surface are flame-retardant and tested against toxic ingredients by German and European Union institutions.

Purchasing an AIRSCREEN doesn't just guarantee you have a great screen solution but also safety, with a product that has been proven and tested for decades.

What you get...

Sound Harmonics offers the AIRSCREEN Airtight product for sale in the following sizes:

You will like what you hear: Nothing! With the AIRSCREEN Airtight, no constant blower needed! Even if some day a hole develops, a patented controlled blowerbox (optional) keeps your screen perfectly inflated when needed and switches off automatically once the pressure is right again. 

No blower needed during operation: AIRSCREEN airtight even floats on water! Great set-up possibilities on in- or outdoor pools and other out of the ordinary locations (screen size shown: 6.10m x 3.43m).

Rely on AIRSCREEN! Your show will always go on!