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Demo and second-hand gear 

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AUDIX microphones, new stock @ cost! 

Roland M5000 digital console 

This complete system is ideal for an end user interested in harnessing all the power of the REAC network, including 64x48 physical I/O, personal mixing for 7 musicians + engineers monitor. The system consists of the configurable M-5000 OHRCA console, two S-2416 Digital Snake heads, eight M-48 Personal Mixers, an S-4000D Splitter/Distributor and an XI-REAR Expansion Card.

 Priced @ R250000.00

Roland TD-50K

When your drum technique is evolving fast and your career is taking flight, it’s vital to play a kit that matches your talent and ambition. As part of the new flagship V-Drums series, the TD-50K offers unparalleled expression for top-level performance, demanding practice sessions, and pro studio work. Built on the foundation of the new TD-50 module with Prismatic Sound Modeling, this electronic kit provides Roland’s most impressive and wide-ranging sounds yet. The advanced processor is complemented by newly developed snare and ride pads, which feature multi-element sensor systems and high-speed digital communication with the module. Meanwhile, deep customization and open-ended connectivity mean it’s never been easier to capture your sound. Delivering exceptional playability and maximum expression, the TD-50K is as serious as you are. 

Our demo kit includes the H/Hat stand, drum thrown and kick pedal. 

Priced @ R59000.00

Roland electric grand piano

The GP609 is a grand piano without compromise. You can experience the performance of a traditional acoustic grand, whose sound has been at the heart of music for over 300 years. And you also get to explore the endless creative possibilities offered by the latest digital technology. Since creating the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano in 1974, Roland has become a leader in digital piano innovation – and the new GP609 embodies our belief that advanced technology and know-how can take your music further.

Priced @ R89000.0 

DLP projector 10K lumens

Incredibly bright 1-Chip Laser-Phosphor projector for medium to large screens. 10500 lumens and 5500 lumens available..

E-Vision 10K  @ R165000.00 ............. E-Vision 5K @ R39600.00

Airscreen: Airtight inflatable 6.1m screen. 

German engineered and manufactured inflatable screen that requires no constant air blower. Projection size is 6.1m x 3.4m

Priced @ R 110000.00  

1 Ton PA tower

Priced @ R80000.00 each  (1x tower & flight case + 1x motor & flight case)

This ALC 1ton tower is a rigging system for all types of line sources within the limits of the product specifications. With the help of one (1) electric chain hoist (1000kg), you can raise the mast and also lift your loudspeakers to its maximum height. Despite the enormous potential of the TOWER, it consists entirely of components that can be lifted by technicians, making it ideal in environments that cannot be reached by forklifts. A flight case for all accessories (not truss) parts is included.

  • Footprint W x D 3,9m x 4,8m - 12.8ft x 15.7ft
  • Maximum load capacity 1.000kg - 2,200lbs
  • Maximum height 10,5m - 34.5ft
  • Set-up time 00:20 - 2 technicians