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So why is NEXT-PROAUDIO so cost effective?

NEXT-PROAUDIO partnered with B&C since the early days,   and the relationship brings best prices and prioritised focused designs, requested from NEXT-PROAUDIO's design team. This passionate, family run business has a small labour force, which further provides massive savings and camaraderie to offer only the best with no compromise. Those large marketing and research departments are not being funded, by your pocket.

POWERSOFT amplifiers.

Since 1995 Powersoft has been developing breakthrough technologies that have changed the landscape of professional audio. A pioneer in switched-mode technology, Powersoft has made Class-D reliable and effective, as a matter of fact, improving its performances to a level unheard of before and making it widely accepted as industry standard.

Alongside its switched-mode technology Powersoft has introduced other patented technologies that increased the efficiency of its amplifiers, such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Power Factor Correction (PFC), Differential Pressure Control (DPC) and Smart Rails Management (SRM).

Don’t have the  budget for POWERSOFT options!

NEXT-PROAUDIO has the ultimate self powered solutions that allow high-performance at a fraction of the cost.  

NEXT-PROAUDIO has you covered!

What about support? What about warranty?

With Sound Harmonics shifting its focus on less brands and focusing mainly on NEXT-PROAUDIO, we now offer better support and quick turnaround times. 

NEXT-PROAUDIO offer 2 years warranty on their Powered ranges and 5 years warranty on their passive ranges. This coupled with the 5-year warranty offered by Powersoft amplifiers, means a worry-free future. 

So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE NEXT REVOLUTION NOW!