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Column Speakers

Passion behind each design


Coloumn speakers are the original ‘line-array’ but are definitely not to be mistaken for todays ‘variable curvature line arrays’.  The concept of lining up a range of drivers allows excellent SPL gains and pattern control. Coloumn or ‘linear’ arrays are excellent for those looking at compact solutions that provide excellent intelligibility and good musicality when used with subwoofers.  NEXT uses tuned di-polar technology to ensure that the array of drivers provides better low frequency control than other coloumn/linear type systems.  A key trait to NEXT’s ‘M’atrix series speakers is that the rejection of noise to the areas outside of the specified coverage pattern, is dramatically less than that of traditional point-source boxes. This allows for excellent noise control but also this can help to reduce the negative acoustic effects of the room. 

            The MATRIX is suitable for - jazz bar - small venue PA - corporate events - places of worship. 

MH8.15 System

2x M8 + 2x HFA115s

The MH 8.15 System is an Active 2-way system, integrating the HFA115s to power the passive Matrix M8.

 These speaker arrays have been developed in order to offer the highest intelligibility at high SPL and wider frequency response while providing constant beam-width over a user selectable vertical coverage. This accurate beam control extends up to 10kHz, well beyond the benchmark of 4kHz of traditional single-driver loudspeakers.


To better control the lower frequencies, the Tuned Dipolar Technology was developed by NEXT-PROAUDIO engineers to provide much more consistent low frequency pattern control than other similar size systems.
A user selectable music/vocal mode switch is incorporated to allow quick and easy system optimisation.  Music mode provides a flat, balanced frequency response, while vocal mode adds a          mid-range presence for enhanced speech intelligibility.



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NEXT MATRIX column arrays are able to focus the acoustical energy where it is needed "the listening area", leading to significant improvements to speech intelligibility and musical clarity even in critical acoustic environments.

The integration with high efficiency DPA amplifier modules, with 1650W rms, and the advanced digital processing, set a new standard for distortion free, noise and thermal efficiency, allowing the user to configure the system by selecting the right preset and let the system do the rest. Of course as in the other series, the presets can be edited and stored in 2 USER memories.




Passive Column Array

The MATRIX passive column arrays are composed of closely-spaced state of the art, 3” neodymium transducers housed in a stylish and yet sturdy aluminium/wood chassis for excellent architectural Integration.


  • Tuned dipolar, variable beam straight line array
  • Frequency response (-10dB) 135Hz - 20kHz
  • Equaliser optimisation mode vocal or music (User selectable)
  • Horizontal coverage 90º (+/-20º 1.5-5kHz)
  • Vertical coverage 25º(+/-10º 1.2-16kHz) / (+10º/-5º 1.5-16kHz)
  • Sensitivity (1W@1m) 100dB/97dB
  • Calculated Max. SPL Vocal (Cont/Peak) 126.1dB/129.1dB
  • Calculated Max. SPL Music (Cont/Peak) 123.1dB/126.1dB
  • Full Range 8 x 3" (70mm)/0.75" (20mm) VC, custom neodymium speaker

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