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Line Array

Passion behind each design

‘Line Array’ or more specifically variable curvature line arrays, are perfect for smooth coverage along the length of your venue. You are able to control the vertical coverage angle of each enclosure which helps you ‘tune’ your system to sound almost as loud at the back of the room as it does in the front.  How do you know if you need a line array?  Well, for Churches, theatres or any type of fixed venue, if the audience area in your venue has a distance which is further than 30m from the position of the sound system to your last row of seating then a line array is what you most likely need.  For rental companies, a line array becomes relevant when you are regularly doing outdoor shows or where your average venue has the same criteria as above.  Not sure of where to start looking? Have a look at the LA122 system and then give us a call to get more info. The LA122 also has a ‘Wide’ version called LA122W which can be used as a constant curvature line array which is great for getting more vertical coverage from less boxes.

LAs418 G

To extend the LA212X.v2 down to 28Hz, the LAs418 is the only choice. Recommended ratio is one over one (LA212/LAs418). 

With its 60mm voice coil excursion and 12000W peak power, this is truly a subwoofer that you not only hear, but FEEL!


  • Ground stack or flown options.
  • LAs418 lighter version
  • Dual very long excursion 18" bass reflex design
  • High maximum pressure
  • High dynamic and extended response
  • Type: Passive very high power reflex subwoofer
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 28Hz - 250Hz
  • LF Extension (-10dB): 24HZ
  • Maximum SPL: 143.8dB/149.8dB (Half-space)
  • Power (Pgm/Peak): 6000W/12000W (10ms)

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Only the worlds best amplifier available is capable of amplifying the LA series, which is why NEXT-PROAUDIO have turned to Powersoft

Each N-RAK80 comprises 2x Powersoft X8 amplifiers. With two N-RAK80 you can amplify a 16 + 16 (LA212 & LAs418) system. 


  • 6U Customized Rack
  • Dante (optional), AES3 and Analog inputs
  • Universal platform
  • Optimum performance flexibility
  • 1 Rack fits all
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 600mm x 715mm x 800mm
  • Single Channel Mode (2Ω): 5200W
  • Number of Channels: 16

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LA122 v2

For medium sized venues or as delay/balcony fill for the LA212x, the LA122.v2 is your go to enclosure. This single 12", dual HF driver enclosure, has an incredible small footprint. The dual HF section shares the HF load across both drivers, providing superior voice and instrument clarity.  


  • Very smooth and clear sound
  • 12" and 2 x 1.4" neodymium drivers
  • Extremely smooth horizontal and vertical coverage
  • Extremely versatile
  • Integrated hardware for flying or ground stack
  • Type: Active 2-Way line array element
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 58Hz - 19.000Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 129dB/135dB (Full-Space)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 602 x 350 x 465 mm


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This active 2-way compact line array element, is also available as a 15 degree down fill (LA122WA), or for constant curvature arrays.



  • Very smooth and clear sound
  • 2200Wprg, 2-Way amplification
  • Small, Versatile, Loud
  • 90° x 8° (120° x 8° optionally) Coverage
  • 12" and 2 x 1.4" neodymium drivers
  • Integrated hardware for flying or ground stack
  • Type: Active 2-way line array element
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 58Hz - 19.000Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 129db/135dB (Full-Space)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 602 x 350 x 465 mm 

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The LA26 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet housing two 6.5" neodymium Planar Diaphragm drivers located in the side walls of the HF Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide, a 2" diaphragm HF neodymium driver and a passive network crossover presenting a nominal input impedance of 16Ω.

The LF Planar Diaphragm drivers, and its special placement, integrated on the Spheroidal Waveguide, reduces the cavity effect, associated with traditional cone speakers, radiating sound energy smooth and evenly over the entire coverage area. 

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This special arrangement perfectly combines the HF and LF acoustic centres to generate precisely coherent wavefronts uniformly spread in the horizontal plane and precisely coupled in the vertical plane. The LA26 was designed to be incredibly versatile solving the needs of production companies, rental houses, theatres, houses of worship, working as main system, front fill, side array or as complement of larger-scale LA systems. For low frequency extension the LAs15A active subwoofer can be used. This unit is capable to process and power up to three LA26 passive line array elements.


This active, hybrid-horn loaded, array-able subwoofer, is perfect for ground stacking the LA122A or flying above as part of a larger flown system.                                                            


  • 2960Wprg amplification
  • Small, Versatile, Loud
  • Superior bass impact thanks to horn design
  • High SPL and low distortion
  • Fast, simple integrated rigging hardware
  • Type: Active hybrid-horn subwoofer
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 38Hz - 160 Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 132.5dB/138.5dB (Half-space)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 602 x 664 x 750 mm

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