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This section is designed for those looking at cinema audio solutions. As with any installation, the size and shape of your space needs to be considered. All of NEXT-PrAudio solutions are designed for high-quality and high-SPL applications but for cinema, there are a few options that we would like to highlight.


  • The HFA series – this is our High-Fidelity powered range of speakers.  Powered means that the amplifiers are built-in.  Some companies term this as being Active but the term Active pertains to more than just that there is an amplifier built into the speaker so it is more correct to use the term ‘powered’.  The HFA series allows high-quality and excellent coverage from point source solutions. You also have the option to couple two boxes side-by-side seamlessly by using a built-in preset. This allows two speakers placed side-by-side to act as one larger speaker and this reduces comb filtering effects dramatically. The HFA series has a wide range of options to cater for nearly every size cinema.
  • The Kubix series – The Kubix series is a range of passive and powered, high-quality coaxial installation speakers.  The coaxial design allows for a perfectly coherent wavefront from each speaker to allow excellent intelligibility and clarity. The Kubix range can be powered from our range of amplifiers including PowerSoft X4 or X8. This means that local amp racks can be setup for ease of access for maintenance etc. Kubix offers a range of options from a 5” to 12” format to cater for nearly any size cinema.  
  • The LAs418/G/A – This double 18” subwoofer is incredibly powerful.  Low frequency extension down to 24Hz means that you can dish out whatever the movie soundtrack throws at you! And all this can be done at high-SPL! Bass that you can not only hear but feel! The LAs418 can also be used with any of our product ranges.


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