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Theatres and Churches

This section is designed to cater for theaters and churches.  Why have we put theatres and churches into the same category for audio design? Well, because the layout of the systems and installation criteria are similar.  Churches possibly differ in a few cases by needing areas in the auditorium to not be as loud as other areas.  Whereas a theater is often going to want sound coverage that is very similar, everywhere in the auditorium. If your church likes the idea of the same level everywhere, then there is nothing stopping you from doing that.  There is no wrong or right with Audio System Design, which is why it has the word ‘Design’ in it. There is an artistic factor that comes into play, and there is also a functional aspect.  No architects, these days, design buildings that are purely functional anymore. Even factories and power stations have office space that is slightly ‘spicier’ than the rest. There is always an element of beauty and outcome that is taken into consideration.    So what does this mean for you?  Your space is not identical to anyone else’s so your design must therefore also be different. Even venues holding the same name are never perfectly identical and in the audio world, that means that you need to do something, even slightly, different in each space.  You need to start with your what your performance requirements are? Is your requirement more to be a louder or quieter space? Is your space large or small? Do you have a strange shape to the space or perhaps even a ceiling of different heights?  All factors that pertain to the shape and size of your venue need to be discussed.  Even the position of the seats and which direction they face needs to be taken into account.  Once we have that ironed out, our team can assist you with a proper audio system design.  We prefer to conduct site surveys of every venue, so please feel free to give us a call to visit you.


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Should you wish to design the system yourself but you are not sure of where to start, begin with what I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Size and Shape.  The next thing to do is to consider your sightlines and where you have space to put the system. Even if you have the luxury of a roof structure that allows you to fly the system, you still need to know if the system is going to be in the way of any lights or screens or visa versa. You then need to consider if that space is going to allow for a large enough system to cater for your needs and if those positions are going to allow the system to cover the venue well enough. The main system should be able to cater for around 80% of the total space on its own.  Whilst delays and fills are there to help you, they are also difficult to time align and position correctly, and they add to the cost of the solution rather quickly.  It is always best to have the most capable main system possible. Once you have ironed that out, you can look into what category of speaker system to use. We have listed a few system guidelines on our home page for your convenience.