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This is a section dedicated to event or rental companies who need products that are capable of working for a broad spectrum shows and venues. What classifies as a broad-spectrum product? Items such as line array are considered to be broad spectrum because they can be scaled to cater for a large range of applications. Having more boxes allows you to either do more separate shows or do one or two massive scale events. A good place to start is the LA122/A from NEXT. This is a powerful, compact enclosure that is a significant upgrade to the standard point source or even constant curvature arrays that you may already be using. The place to start with this system is a 2 per side configuration consisting of 2 x LA122/A and 2 x LAs118/A. You can suspend up to 20x LA122/A from the fly-bar, so you can see that you have the ability to do massive shows by using more of the same box! Owning Less, different types of enclosures will maximize your Return On Investment!!! If you have too many different types of products, you will find it difficult to merge systems for larger shows or you will find yourself out of applicable rental boxes for some shows and you’ll be stuck with boxes that do those shows ‘half-heartedly’.  

Any good rental company will have a:


  • short-throw, point source system such as the PFA or HFA series in stock for small-medium events 
  • Line Array such as LA122/A for medium-larger events 
  • And stage monitors.

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It is advisable to keep subs that can work with all of your tops. Having a mix-match of subs is a not a great idea as you cannot merge them without creating lots of processing work for your team or creating strange steering or tonal issues for your audience. Once again, having less variety of subs will increase your ROI per sub!
A good example of an excellent start-up kit for a rental company is:

  • HFA108, High-Output & High-Quality single 8” configuration point-source enclosure for smaller shows and which can be used as fills for a larger system.
  • HFA112/115, High-Output & High Quality single 12’/15’ configuration point-source encloser for small to mid-sized events and which can be used as outfills for larger systems or even on stage fills etc. The HFA series have a built-in preset which allows per two boxes to be coupled perfectly side-by-side for larger events requiring high-quality coverage.
  • HFA115sH P, High-Output & High Quality single 15” compact subwoofer which can be used to compliment the above setups whilst getting down to 32Hz and remaining small.  
  • LA122/A, Very High-Output & High Quality single 12” compact line array which can be used for medium to large shows in both ground-stacked and flown configurations. This model uses 2 x 2,5” voice-coil compression drivers in a patented waveguide which completely out-performs any other product in this class.  
  • LAs118/A, Very high-Output & High-Quality single 18” subwoofer which is a perfect companion for LA122/A and which can also be used with the smaller options.  LAs118/A uses a hybrid bandpass/hornloaded design which gives you the perfect mix between incredibly high SPL and throw.  This sub is also slightly higher than your average 18” so that you can use fewer boxes to get to an optimal height when ground stacking the LA122/A.  Integrated rigging hardware which is compatible with LA122/A also means that you don’t need a second bumper when flying the subs in the array or any bumpers whatsoever when ground stacking. 
  • LAs418/G/A, Incredibly High-Output double 18” subwoofer which is capable of extending any of our systems down to 24Hz and still even 28Hz when working hard! 60mm excursion drivers mean that you can displace massive amounts of air with huge force, in a relatively small profile.  The LAs418 measures only 1030mm wide by 516mm high! This subwoofer is also designed to work with our large-format LA212x line array, so you have ample space for growth by using this sub.  This will also be an excellent dry-rental box should you wish to do that.
  • LAm114xA, high-Output & high-quality 14” coaxial dedicated stage monitor. This system uses a 3” Voice Coil compression driver for excellent mid-range reproduction and stability.  This system can also be ‘arrayed’ side-by-side on stage for massive SPL requirements. And, as with the above-mentioned HFA boxes, you also have a preset which allows for seamless coupling! Something which is unheard of in other brands.