Sound Hamonics became the exclusive distributor in South Africa for Next Pro-audio in 2018.

 Below you can find the latest products in their range from Audiocom, pro-audio, installation, portable and touring solutions.


NEXT Audiocom belongs to CVA Electrónica, a professional manufacturer based in Portugal, developing, designing, producing and distributing audio equipment.

With a long history on the audio industry, CVA Electronica was founded in 1986 and is currently exporting to over 40 countries, with more than 5000 customers located worldwide.

At the moment, CVA has two own brands of audio equipment, NEXT-proaudio and NEXT Audiocom.

NEXT Audiocom is an audio brand that comprises 3 distinct product lines: installation, home audio and portable sound with European development and design, produced according to the highest European quality standards, using in its products the latest innovations in the market, being at the forefront of technology.

NEXT Audiocom stands out from the other brands on the market due to its ultra-light commercial structure, interactive e-commerce platform, technologically avant-garde products and innovative brand design.


Maverick MV12 

12" Powered bluetooth speaker

The MV12 is a 12" active bluetooth speaker that offers you a high performance, extreme versatility, ultra-compact dimensions, and light weight allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. A 1100W convection-cooled power amplifier module precisely matches the specifications of the speaker transducers. The performance is improved selecting one of the 5 available presets, which are programmed in the internal DSP. Its two microphone or line inputs and the Bluetooth connection are all you need to start your event and enjoy the excellent sound quality.

Maverick MV6 

6.5" Powered bluetooth speaker

The MV6 speaker is a 6.5” active speaker with Bluetooth and battery, with high performance, ultra-low dimensions and weight, allowing its use in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications with recorded or live music. With its elegant design and powerful sound, it can be used anywhere at any event, ensuring music reproduction of up to 12 hours using its battery. You can also use MV6 as a power bank. Easily create your wireless stereo system by pairing two MV6 via Bluetooth simultaneously, using TWS (True Wireless Stereo). Let's get the party started!

Maverick MV3 

Battery powered bluetooth speaker

MV3 is a Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker that easily integrates any environment with a superior sound and a deep bass. With its elegant design and reduced size allows you to place it in your home as well as take it with you wherever you want, ensuring a musical reproduction of up to 20h, and even its use as a power bank. Easily create your wireless stereo system by pairing two MV3 via Bluetooth simultaneously, using TWS (True Wireless Stereo). Let's get the party started!


Digital stereo mixer

The M1 is an ultra compact and lightweight 4-channel digital stereo mixer with Bluetooth to use as a “traditional mixer” or USB Audio Interface. When used as a USB Audio Interface, it can be connected to a PC, allowing the production of online content with high-fidelity sound, either for real-time transmission (streaming) or production of offline videos and podcasts. You can also record directly to a USB stick.


Portable bluetooth IPX6 speaker

TRËND is a high-performance waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker (IPX6), ultra-small dimensions and weight with high portability offering dynamic and immersive stereo sound. This speaker is equipped with 2 full-range speakers, 2 passive radiators and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 15 hours of playtime. It's a perfect solution to take with you anywhere as well as at home! You can even create your stereo system wirelessly by pairing two TRËNDs using TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology.


Battery powered wireless headphones

The X4 wireless headphones let you enjoy a great portability experience, streaming powerful sound with no strings attached for up to 18 hours of pure pleasure. You can listen music wirelessly, anywhere at any time, sharing easily via Bluetooth. With a superior comfort and lightweight, your X4 headphones are easy to adjust, perfectly fitting your head for total movement freedom. With their discreet and stylish design and the possibility of answer or make calls, the X4 headphones are a great choice to listen to music anywhere, including at your workplace.

Modus 2 

Battery powered bluetooth portable soundbar

Modus2 is a mini battery-powered sound bar with Bluetooth that fits any space. With its discreet and elegant design allows you to place it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office as well as use it for your parties with friends in indoor or outdoor areas ensuring up to 6 hours of music reproduction wherever you are due to the battery included. With your Modus2 you get the sensation of live music, thanks to 3D stereo technology and two passive radiation subwoofers.


NEXT–Proaudio is an European brand, based in Portugal - Europe, active in development and manufacturing of professional sound systems for professional audio and concert applications.


NEXT–proaudio is part of CVA Electronica Group, an European based company, located in Porto, north of Portugal, with a long history of professional audio design and manufacturing. CVA Electronica was founded in 1986 having started with a mere 180 sqm, but thanks to the ambition of all the members of the team, it was successfully expanded to the 2.500 sqm, currently occupied by the state of the art, research and production facilities. 

Although the brand NEXT-proaudio has been recently established (2004), this is not a problem on the experience in the pro-audio market because, the team members has, in average, 25+ years’ experience in the different aspects of development, manufacturing and marketing of professional sound systems. 

LA 26

Passive Line Array

The LA26 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet housing two 6.5" neodymium Planar Diaphragm drivers located in the side walls of the HF Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide, a 2" diaphragm HF neodymium driver and a passive network crossover presenting a nominal input impedance of 16Ω.

The LF Planar Diaphragm drivers, and its special placement, integrated on the Spheroidal Waveguide, reduces the cavity effect, associated with traditional cone speakers, radiating sound energy smooth and evenly over the entire coverage area. This special arrangement perfectly combines the HF and LF acoustic centers to generate precisely coherent wavefronts uniformly spread in the horizontal plane and precisely coupled in the vertical plane.

The LA26 was designed to be incredibly versatile solving the needs of production companies, rental houses, theaters, houses of worship, working as main system, front fill, side array or as complement of larger-scale LA systems.

For low frequency extension the LAs15A active subwoofer can be used. This unit is capable to process and power up to three LA26 passive line array elements.

LAs 15A

Active Subwoofer

The LAs15A is the subwoofer model that completes the range of LA26 Line Array System. The subwoofer houses a long excursion B&C 15" driver powered by the DPA4000 (power module with DSP). This unit is capable of delivering up to 2000Wrms with a magnificent precision and punch at incredible SPL, combining optimized acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic solutions to maximized efficiency.

The heart of the LAs15A, is a powerful, light weight, highly efficient Class D power amplifier module, with PFC switch mode power supply. The DPA4000 delivers an impressive sonic punch with perfectly balanced, rich and transparent, sound at any volume. The PC controlled DSP 24bit/96kHz with A/D-D/A low noise converters, provides 8 selectable Presets (7 factory defined and 1 User Defined) that can be accessed by an easy selector, located on the front module panel or real time edited with a PC, using “SOUNDWARE 4.0.1” software. This allows to easily customize the sound program, for various applications or different venues. With Soundware software is possible to edit the 7 pre-loaded Presets and store it on the user defined memory location. Editable parameters are: 10 PEQ/LSF/HSF, Sub Delay, Satellite Delay, System Delay, HPF, LPF, Level, Polarity, Mute.

LAs15A subwoofer is versatile enough to address any fixed installation or rental application. Sound Designers, Engineers or Integrators can choose from standard or cardioid configurations, creating a variety of symmetric and asymmetric directivity patterns adapted to each specific solution. The LAs15A can be hanged with LA26 and is capable to power up to 3 LA26 cabinets, which becomes a perfect solutions for any indoor/outdoor venue.

LA 122 v2

Passive Line Array

The LA122.v2 joins the LA family and is the redesigned version of the popular LA122, integrating exactly the same internal components into a smaller and lighter box.
It incorporates advanced neodymium speakers, custom made by B&C (12”+ 2x1.4”), capable of generating 1120W of high-definition power for a very high acoustic pressure for medium to large scale applications.
This system is ideal for use in permanent installations as well as in touring systems. The new system comprises three models, two line arrays elements, with different coverage angles (8ºx90º - LA122.v2 and 15ºx120º - LA122W.v2) and a companion subwoofer system allowing a wide configuration versatility.
The band-pass subwoofer LAs118.v2 is equipped with a custom made B&C, long excursion, 18” neodymium woofer.
As it shares the same rigging technology with the LA122.v2 and LA122W.v2, a flexible integration, both on the ground or on the top of the LA122.v2 arrays, is possible.
For touring applications, LA122.v2 can be associated to the N-RAK, a universal distribution platform for power, audio signals and network.
With the dedicated factory presets, the Powersoft X8 and X4 amplified controller integrated on N-RAK constitutes an extremely advanced and precise drive system for the enclosures.
The cabinets can be finished in a variety of colours to suit fixed installations.

LAs 418G

Double Bass Ground Stack Reflex Passive Subwoofer

Housing two long excursion and very high power 18" drivers, this Subwoofer has been designed to offer ultra-low frequencies at a very high SPL delivering magnificent precision and punch at incredible pressure levels.

The cabinet volume with optimized port tuning - featuring extremely high peak-to peak excursion capability - is capable of delivering true sub performance down to 24Hz at -10dB. Providing low frequency resolution and a maximum SPL of 143.8dB in a 90kg, front loaded, bass reflex enclosure and measuring 516mm x 920mm x 1030mm (HxDxW), the subwoofer incorporates eight handles.

Housed within a multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure and finished in textured black semi-matte coating, the LAs418G can be deployed in either standard or cardioid configuration using the parallel wired Neutrik NL4 conector on the front of the Subwoofer.

The 2x4ohm LAs418G version has been designed to be driven by Powersoft X series (X4 or X8). This new version presents an increase of 4dB of SPL when it is driven by the Powersoft X Line amplifier while compared with MA6000 driving the normal version, the LAs418G.

N-RAK 20

4 Channel Power Rack

NEXT-proaudio has developed a unified rack solution N-RAK, designed for optimum performance flexibility and setup simplicity. The new rack was configured to interface seamlessly allowing multiple configurations for the entire NEXT-proaudio’s product range. Consisting in a family of 5 different models, N-RAK 6, N-RAK 12, N-RAK 20, N-RAK40, N-RAK80, all the N-RAKS are equipped with Powersoft amplifiers, featuring Dante™ audio networking functionality (optionally on N-RAK20, N-RAK40, N-RAK80).

N-RAK was created as a universal platform developed to facilitate cross-rental between NEXT-proaudio’s Users worldwide and to ensure compatibility with the cabling standard of the systems.
The N-RAK has Dante (optional on models 20, 40 and 80), AES3 and Analog inputs for multiple connections, making the setup process greatly simplified and much more efficient than the former LA Rack. With the Powersoft amplifiers already built in and no assembly required, it’s an easy-to-configure, all-in-one amplifier solution that eliminates the process of building amp racks. The N-RAK touring rack offers an advanced rack solution for all NEXT-proaudio’ systems covering signal and power distribution in a plug-and-play touring package.

The N-RAK versatility extends to delivery as well, since its dimensions were projected to allow easy shipment on European trucks, sea containers and other transportation modes.
The fully equipped N-RAK module comprises a 4U Customized rack with 2 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK12) or 1 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK6) or a 6U Customized Rack with 2 Powersoft X8 (N-RAK80) or 1 Powersoft X8 (N-RAK40) or 1 Powersoft X4 (N-RAK20); 2U Audio Distribution Panel in the front; and 2U Power Distribution Panel in the back.